Semi-automatic shrink wrap machines come with an L bar sealer is named by SR140 which is seals and cuts all open sides in one motion.            This machine separates sealing and shrinking cycles for faster operation The operator first inserts the product in the center-folded shrink film; sealing is done with L sealer and after the magnetic hold releases a conveyor transports products from the sealer to the shrink tunnel is named by NPT10 which uses a conveyor to transport products through a heated area.

Shrink Wrapping Machine is used to shrink wrap a myriad of products like food items, multipacks, pharmaceutical, cosmetic books, industrial product and much more.


  • Manually actuated sealing bar with an electromagnetic mechanism
  • Manual belt height adjustment
  • For polyolefin or PVC shrink materials
  • Packaging Speed: Up to approximately. 700 PPH , depending on operator speed & product configuration
  • Roll Width: 500 mm
  • Sealing Dimension: (530 mm) L x (410 mm) W
  • Maximum product dimensions: (500 mm) L x (380 mm) W x(200 mm) H , Subject to maximum film width
  • Tunnel opening (H) : 200 mm
  • With pin to produce small holes on the film to release air.
  • Can be operated continuously for a long time without overheating ambient environment.
  • Manually monitor and control the speed of the conveyor belt of tunnel by inverter
  • Manually monitor and control the element temperature inside the tunnel
  • Adjustable seal conveyor Motion Time
  • Adjustable seal Time




Power supply

220V  50/60 Hz


0.8 KW

Dimension (L×W×H)

1530×630×1090 mm

N. weight

110 Kg

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