NP70 Chamber Shrink Wrap Machine | Nadi Pack

NP70 chamber shrink wrap machine is the perfect all-in-one solution for packaging, with a streamlined process. See the details.


NP70 is an all-in-one chamber shrink wrap machine, perfect for packaging bigger products such as confectionery, cardboard boxes, mechanical parts, etc, without extra steps required.

NP70 is capable of 200 to 250 cycles an hour, thanks to its chamber design and simple working process. The sealing and shrinking happens at once under the magnetically secure chamber and comes out with no additional tweaks needed.

You can save up to 6 work programs and use the digital indicator for details. NP70 is compatible with POF and PVC films and uses ceramic sealing for the optimum result.

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- All-in-one chamber shrink packaging machine

- Magnetic lid for extra security

- Compatible with POF and PVC shrink films

- Save up to 6 work programs

- Electrostatic and impact-resistant finish

- Chamber Dimensions: (600 mm)  L x (800 mm) W  x  (300 mm) H

- Easy relocation and cleaning

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