NPA1800 Fully Automatic L-bar Sealer | Nadi Pack

NPA1800 is a fully automatic L-bar sealer that fits within your line of high-volume production without extra requirement. See more details.

NPA1800 is a fully automatic sealing shrink film machine that is the perfect fit within your production line. NPA1800 uses a linear design and is equipped with a conveyor that will attach the machine to the rest of your production line and seals the product without requiring an operator.

Although NPA1800 can be used as a stand-alone sealer machine as well. The operator can put the product on the conveyor and the sensors will recognize the incoming object. The sealer will automatically do the job and direct the product to the shrink tunnel.

NPA1800 is capable of 1500 to 1800 cycles per hour and is perfect for high volume production lines. You can use this sealer in the packaging of food products, as well as toys, mechanical parts, and cellulose products as well as other items.

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- Fully automatic L-bar sealer

- In-line conveyor design

- 1500 to 1800 cycles per hour

- Internal sensors for automatic sealing

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