4Advantages of Packaging

(i) Rising Standards of Health and Sanitation: (ii) Self-service Outlets: (iii) Innovational Opportunity: (iv) Product Differentiation:
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(i) Rising Standards of Health and Sanitation:


As the people are becoming health conscious they like to buy packed goods. The reason is that the chances of adulteration in such goods are minimised.


(ii) Self-service Outlets:


Nowadays self-service retail shops are becoming very popular, particularly in big cities. Because of this, the role of sales assistants has gone to packaging.


(iii) Innovational Opportunity:


With the increasing use of packaging more innovational opportunity becomes available in this area for the researchers.


(iv) Product Differentiation:


Packaging is helpful in creating product differentiation. The colour, material and size of the package makes difference in the perception of the buyers about the quality of the product.