8 important advantages of fully automatic shrink pack machine

Usually, fully automatic shrink pack machine uses PVC films for wrapping. Because of high quality and high applicability of this machine, you can use automatic shrink machine in some fields such as industrial, hygiene and pharmaceutic.
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The importance of using fully automatic shrink pack machine

The fully automatic shrink pack machines or tensional wrapping machines can improve the safety and efficiency of the product in the industrial production. The packaging is the last step of the production line, but it would be the first thing that the clients would see after the delivery of the product. Hence, enough attention is required.


The application and compatibility are two important factors in a proper packing. An opportune packing protects your product against dust and damage and other possible problems. Although packing is not a complex process, improper packing causes some incompatibility to the products. Nowadays, companies can easily do the daily packing tasks using the fully automatic shrink pack machines.

Recently, the shrink machines used in industrial field divided into two categories of automatic ad semi-automatic. The best model is the fully automatic shrink pack machine. This extraordinary machine, which is produced with high technology in Nadipack corporation, is capable of packing a variety of products such as date, biscuit, toy, noodle, Kleenex, sweet and candy in a short time.

Generally, fully automatic shrink pack machine uses PVC films for packing. Because of high quality and high applicability of this machine, you can use automatic shrink machine in some fields such as industrial, hygiene and pharmaceutic. The fully automatic shrink machines have the ability to wrap the products such as boxes, glass, etc.


The fully automatic shrink pack machine is used for packing of packages, boxes, utensils and other products which will be stored or shipped. Using this machine for packing has some advantages:

1- Protection of the product against damage, dust and moisture:

When using a proper automatic shrink machine, you are pretty sure about the safety of the package against any possible dust and moisture.

2- The safety of the workers and the product itself increases:

The fully automatic shrink pack machine increases the safety of the production and packing place with the reduction of the physical activities in storehouses, manufactories and factories. According to a recent poll, it is revealed that 20 percent of the accidents in packing places is related to the workers who work around the old and semi-automatic machines. Thus, reduction of the operators, and reduction of the hand workings will lead to higher safety.

The fully automatic shrink pack is designed to wrap without any operator. Generally, because of the conveyers, these machines can easily support your production lines, and without any direct action from the operator, and without hand workings, the products will enter the seaming machine. In this step, by using the censors, the film will be wrapped around the product which we call this process as Seaming step. Then, by the usage of the conveyers, the product enters the thermal tunnel in order to start to the action of the shrink.


All of these steps are done automatically; thus, the safety improves and any possible dangers would be minimized.

3- Time thrift:

The function of fully automatic shrink pack machine is very good, and it can do the maximum amount of wrappings in a minimum time. Packing the boxes and other products by hand can be time consuming and boring. Consequently, packing of the boxes with fully automatic shrink machine would decrease the needed time and effort, which can be used for other important commercial processes.

4- Economic expenses in films:

In comparison to packing with hand, the semi-automatic and automatic shrink pack machine will save lots of money in your business of packing. The automatic food packing machine has two rollers of the film in which, the speed of the secondary rotating roller is more than the first one in order to make the film stretched. This feature will increase the resistance of the film, and also reduces the expenses in all. Nevertheless, fully automatic shrink pack machine has more functional features.

5- More quick packing:

The automatic shrink pack machine with an active PLC controller, helps you to do the packing faster, and this would help you in the packing demands of your business. These kinds of machineries can be modified depending on the exclusive needs. This action can have a great effect on packing time which leads to time thrift and expenditure thrift.

6- Efficient packing of product:

When using the fully automatic shrink pack machine for all of your commercial needs of packing, you can guarantee the stability of the stretch and efficient of your product which is not possible when packing with hand. The process of packing with hand, has lots of troubles, so it reduces your efficiency. This means that, a fully automatic machine can pack your products in your workplace much better and with high quality.

7- Higher efficiency:

Who would not prefer to do more works in less time? The fully automatic shrink pack machine, will put your business in the way of efficient. Your operators have not to wait for starting and stopping of the packing cycles. Putting a product on the conveyer, and pressing the start button, packing would start and stop automatically.

The automatic portable shrink pack machine, can pack 2000 products per hour in an automatic way, and without any operator. The speed and accuracy of this machine is being appreciated. Beside, seaming machine has the ability of seaming 1800 products per hour which means increased efficiency.

8- Improved supply control:

Putting the products together, would ease the supple check. This affair would also provide the separation with higher speed which is a time consuming action in bigger storehouses. Hence, because of the packing the same products in a same way, shrink machines make the storing and controlling processes easier.

A fully automatic shrink pack machine without considering the size and location of the storehouse, gives safety and stability to the production line. If you are impressed by the shrink pack machine, you can visit the Nadipack corporation and our produced machines. Or, you can call our experts to give you more information.


You can visit the quality of food packing machines of Nadipack corporation closely. We do guarantee that you would receive the best quality product with lowest price which will increase the efficiency of your business in comparison with before.