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STS84 shrink sleeve label machine uses a steam tunnel design to make appealing and cost-effective labeled products. See more details below.



STS84 is a manual shrink sleeve label machine that uses a steam tunnel and PVC shrink films to create professional and cost-efficient labeled products. You can label PET, glass and metal bottles and containers, using a streamlined and effective process.

STS84 can be installed on conveyor belts with 120mm width or can come with the pre-installed conveyor upon order. The steam is controlled through an intake fan and you can adjust the levels based upon your preference.

STS84 is a great choice for packaging food and drink products, as well as pharmaceutical and health items.


- Manual shrink sleeve label machine

- Steam tunnel design

- Installable on 120mm conveyor belts (available upon order)

- Adjustable steam level

- Stainless steel body

- Compatible with PVC shrink films


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