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SL automatic shrink sleeve label machine uses the best European parts and technologies to offer high-quality sleeve labeling at an affordable price.



SL automatic shrink sleeve label machine is a great solution for labeling bottles and trays of different shapes and sizes. You can use containers made of plastic, glass and PET and use them in packaging food, drinks, pharmaceutical and health products as well as other items.

SL uses the high-end Fatek PLC and INVT inverters with vector capability. It is also equipped with pneumatic parts from SMC and Airtak. The production speed is adjustable from 4000 to 12000 cycles per hour.

High accuracy sensors handle the job of cutting the label and recognizing the item, to make sure the sleeve labeling process is done as smoothly as possible.


- Fully automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine

- Fatek PLC with the latest industry standards

- INVT inverters with vector capability and RS485 bus

- Airtak and SMC pneumatic parts

- Adjustable speed from 4000 to 12000 cycles per hour

- Stainless steel body construct

- Changeable frame for using the same machine with different products

- Compatible with PVC shrink rolls


Inquire for automatic shrink sleeve label machine prices or ask for more information. Contact us at +989909506935.

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