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NPM90 PE shrink machine is the perfect choice for premium packaging, using highly durable PE shrink films. Check-out further details.

NPM90 is a PE shrink machine and a great choice for wrapping cardboard packages as well as industrial and food products. NPM90 comes with pedal sealing and bar conveyor for better shrinkage.



NPM90 has designed for packaging of high weight and size product.

Using a conveyor belt, NPM90 can go through 8 packaging cycles per minute. You can control the reel and the contactor, and use the digital indicator to monitor the machine’s status.

NPM90 is specifically made for polyethylene shrink films and comes with a cooler fan by the end of the line, as well as impact-resistant and electrostatic finish for durability and safety.


- Polyethylene shrink machine

- 8 packaging cycles per minute

- Reel and contactor control

- Without noise and vibration

- Easily movable and cleanable


Get your PE shrink machine today or ask for more information. Contact us at +989909506935.

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