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Nadi Pack’s 50x75 skin pack machine offers a modern way of packaging products in manual and automatic modes. 

Skin Packaging Machine Model 35*50 and 50*70 is a new pattern commodity packing technique. It can be used for hardware, spare parts, medicine equipment, electric component, toy, stationery, dishware and craft products etc.  



No need for mold. You should manually feed the products and the cardboard and then push the button the machine will do the rest job automatically.

The 50x75 skin pack machine creates high-quality and fashionable packaging at a larger 50x75mm frame in automatic and manual modes. Skin packing creates the illusion that your product is sitting on a tray on the market shelf, while it is in fact vacuum-packed through PVC or Surlyn film.

Skin packaging is an effective method of store-shelf marketing and an aesthetically appealing method for packaging food products, electronic parts, toys, etc.

The 50x75 packaging machine is equipped with a 15-18 m3/h vacuum pump and has a straight-forward function for the smallest learning curve.




Power supply

220V  50/60 Hz


5.6  KW

Dimension (L×W×H)

2500×1000×1610 mm

Vacuum pump

15-18 m³/h

Board Size

495 x 695mm


- Automatic and manual modes

- 15-18 m3/h internal vacuum pump

- Compatible with PVC and Surlyn films

- 50x75mm sealing frame

- Manual feeding the products to the worktable

- Automatic heating the film and packing the products

- Don′t laminate the cardboard for the better air permeability

- Maximum Product Height – 100mm

- Boards can be manually cut to size by knife or guillotine and euroslot added by manual punch

- Manual and semi-automatic mode

- Operates with and without mould

- Works with both PVC and Surlin (self-adhesive) film


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