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NPR100 is the perfect packaging solution for food stores, kitchens, and work stations. Go through packaging cycles quickly and with minimum effort.

NPR100 is a table-top tray sealer machine, perfect for front of the house use cases. The small size and easy utility, makes NPR100 a great packaging choice for your food store or work station.



Simply fit the trays inside and receive the fully packaged product. With NPR100 the learning curve is almost nonexistent and all your workers can handle the task of packaging. The sliding design helps you finish 10 to 15 cycles per minute.

The machine can easily fit within your kitchen and store front, doing the job with minimum effort and noise. You can use PP, PET, and PE trays as well as POF and PVC films to seal the packages. NPR100’s stainless steel and aluminum body assures a long life of high-quality packaging for your organization.




Power supply

220V 50/60Hz


2 - 4  KW

Maximum trays dimensions

430 x 270 mm

Machine Dimensions

1150 x 820 x 420 mm

N. weight

60 KG


- Table-top design with small foot print

-  10 to 15 packaging cycles per minute

- One-person easy operation for minimum learning curve

- Film waste collector

- Stainless steel and aluminum body

- 3 tray sizes to fit your needs

- Controllable sealing temperature and time


Get your table top tray sealer today or ask for more information. Contact us at +989909506935.

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