SR140 - NPT10

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Meta description: Get SR140-NPT10 for an all-in-one sealing and shrink-packaging solution, with maximum efficiency and compatibility. See more information.

SR140-NPT10 give you the complete conveyor-based sealing and shrink packaging, perfect for high-volume production lines. You could have all you need in an efficient and compatible duo.


SR140 - NPT10
SR140 - NPT10

SR140 is a semi-automatic L-bar sealer that uses magnetic lid and conveyor design to create a fast production cycle. The conveyor directs your product to NPT10’s heat chamber in which the shrink-wrapping process is done without any extra steps.

NPT10 offers adjustable temperature and speed to fit your production line’s requirements. You can use POF and PVC shrink films with it.

Both machines come with an electrostatic and impact-resistant finish as well as digital indicators for monitoring the process.


- All-in-one sealing and shrink-packaging combo

- Usable with POF and PVC shrink films

- Adjustable temperature and speed

- Electrostatic and impact-resistant finish

- Magnetic sealer lid with ceramic sealing process

- Extended operation time without overheating


Get your all-in-one shrink packaging combo or ask for more information. Contact us at +989909506935.

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