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NPR200 is the ultimate packaging solution for small and medium-sized food manufacturers. See further details or contact us for more information.

NPR200 is our latest semi-automatic rotary tray sealer machine. Perfect for packaging food products, NPR200 is a great solution for in-store packaging as well as workstations and factories.



Upgrade your packaging process with affordability and practicality of NPR200, and upgrade your process with retrofitted parts anytime you need to.

The sensors in NPR200 control the vacuuming process, making sure your products live within the perfect environment. Use trays ranging from 115x275 mm to 385x275 mm and take advantage of the rotary design to pass 2 to 6 production cycles per minute.

Packaging has never been easier, as NPR200 does all the job for you. Put the tray in and the machine takes care of the rest. Including lifting the trays back up to be collected. So there is as little of a learning curve as possible.

NPR200 is a semi-automatic rotary packaging machine with two vacuum chambers. The double mould system eliminates dead time: the loading and unloading of the trays are made in the first mould, while the vacuum and protective atmosphere (m.a.p.) process takes place in the second mould.

NPR200 is a semi-automated machine that has been designed to meet all the needs of the packaging industry: sealing, partial vacuum, gas flush and modified atmosphere packaging




Power supply

380V 50/60Hz


2.5 - 8  KW

Air Pressure Consumption

2 – 6 bar

Maximum trays dimensions

390 x 290 x 100 mm

Machine Dimensions

1150 x 1100 x 1500 mm

N. weight 250 KG


- Rotary design with 2 to 6 cycles per minute

- Vacuum pump and sensor for the perfect process

- PLC control system

- Touch-screen indicator and control panel

- Automatic film waste collector

- Tool-free 2 minute. Die changing process

- Seal Only and MAP packaging modes

- An integral vacuum pump is installed inside the base for MAP applications.

- An automatic tray lifter is also available in the tray loading/unloading section for increased speeds

- The same duly configured die allows for different types of packaging: seal-only, M.A.P.

- This model can achieve 3 to 6 cycles per min up to tray size and vacuum and gas flushing

- The special film waste rewinder

- PLC touch screen to monitor machine parameters

- Tool-free die changing in less than 2 minutes

- Double vacuum chamber on rotating turntable considerably cuts cycle times and maximizes output

- Integrated vacuum pump system 40 m³/h

- Stainless steel structure

- Tray sealer hermetically seals special plastic containers using a flexible film


Order NPR200 today or ask for more information. Contact us at +989909506935.

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