NPT1800 Fully Automatic Shrink Machine | Nadi Pack

NPT1800 is a fully automatic shrink machine that combines quick production cycles with great packaging results. NPT1800 is a great choice for high-volume production lines and medium-sized workstations.



NPT1800 uses an inverter to adjust the conveyor’s speed. You can also use an automatic thermostat to control the heat tunnel’s temperature.

NPT1800 is compatible with PVC and POF shrink films and is capable of attaching several seals at once. There is also anelectrostatic and impact-resistant finish for a longer life cycle.


- Fully automatic shrink wrap machine

- High-speed conveyor design

- Digital thermostat for tunnel temperature control

- Internal inverter for conveyor speed

- Compatible with PVC and POF shrink films

- Electrostatic and impact-resistant finish


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