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Packaging is one of the expensive sections of manufacturing goods and adds a massive cost to ancillary costs in the production line. Automatic shrink wrap machines are one of the most efficient ways to reduce the unnecessary expenses. Automatic shrink wrap machines are designed full-automatic and semi-automatic. These machines are able to use PE shrink film and pack the goods covering with film around them. PE shrink films are usually used in packaging construction material, friction fittings, barrel film, barrel paper and hardware fittings. NadiPack Company designs and manufactures full-automatic shrink wrap machines in three different models for manufacturing companies and production units. All three machines are on sale with a reasonable price and ready to ship outside borders of Iran. For more information, contact us at +989023414006 . There are many types of wrapping machines designed for different needs and goods’ shapes and situations. Here we introduce three of the most widely used machine types:

NPA1800-NPT1800 automatic shrink wrapping machines

NPA1800-NPT1800 is a fully automatic L type sealing and cutting shrink wrapping machine including heat shrink tunnel which can feed products, seal and cut film and shrink film bag automatically. It is widely used in food industry, pharmaceuticals, toys industry, auto parts, cosmetics, printing, hardware, electrical appliances and other industries.

Features of NPA1800-NPT1800

- Special durable alloyed sealing knife with anti-stick Teflon coats, makes sealing strong and has better performance of heat conduction. - Film perforating wheels can be adjusted or removed easily. - Only adjust packing width and height by hand wheels without changing any molds and parts when packing size changes. Packing length can be detected by the sensor automatically. - Operate easily and conveniently by moveable control panel. - Adopt Omron PLC, digital temperature controller, timer, relay, switch, and sensor. - A pair of photoelectric switches in vertical for thin products. - Optional sensor for transparent products. - The machine fixes an organic safety glass cover with alarm function, so that the operator is safe. - The machine can be connected to the production line, which doesn’t need additional operators. - Collect wasted film automatically.

NPA1800 fully automatic stitching machine

The NPA1800 is a fully automatic stitching machine for sewing shrink film automatically. This device is linear and has an input conveyor capable of connecting to production lines of factories and workshops without the need for an operator. As soon as the product is placed on the inlet conveyor by the operator, with the presence of the sensors, the sewing operation will start fully automatic and 100% error-free, and the product is driven through the outlet conveyor to the tunnel to perform the shrink operation. Due to the shrink capability of approximately 2000 packages per hour, this machine is perfectly suited for high volume product lines including biscuit, motor oil, rolled napkins, dates, toys, candy, and more. The tunneling machine is for heating the product sewn by the sewing machine NPA1800 or SR140. This tunnel has an inverter to adjust the speed of the conveyor. Conveyor rods are rolled with silicone coating for better shrinking. The machine has an automatic heat thermostat to control the temperature inside the tunnel.

Orbital shrink wrapping machines

Orbital shrink wrapping machines are shrink wrapping systems, which use a vertical rotating ring to wrap the product inside it. Commonly referred to as Horizontal Shrink Wrappers, these systems offer a great solution for wrapping long and wide loads and goods. Orbital Shrink Wrappers offer safe and efficient ways to shrink wrap lumber, doors, windows, piping, textiles and many more products.

Automatic Rotary Arm

Automatic rotary arm shrink wrapping machines load into place automatically when the previous loads’ wrap cycle is complete. These systems save considerable time and money with stable load wrapping and automated wrapping process. The only thing you need to do is change the shrink film roll.

Automatic Turntable

Automatic Turntable Shrink Wrappers take the drive and drop system to a whole new level. Powered conveyor systems move loads into place automatically when the previous loads’ wrap cycle is complete. Unlike the semi-automatic models, automatic turntable shrinkes wrappers do not need an operator to initiate the wrapping cycle. Drivers can place a load in line and return later once wrapping has completed. Automatic Turntable Shrink Wrappers are able to wrap 30-40 loads per hour. Before stepping into ordering a full-automatic shrink wrap machine and purchasing the device, you should do a quick survey about the machine features in order to acknowledge which is made with better quality.

Full-automatic shrink wrap machine features

There are four key functions that any true automatic shrink wrap machine must perform: Hold As the name suggests, the automatic shrink wrap machine must hold the leading edge of the tail of a shrink film to allow the start of the shrink wrapping cycle without the need of an operator to attach the shrink film to the load. This is a critical feature. Wrap The pallet wrapper must wrap the product based on the pallet wrapping parameters that the operator has set on the shrink wrapper control panel. It should be accurate and meticulous. Cut Another vital feature of the wrapping machine is cutting ability. Upon completion of the shrink wrapping cycle, the shrink film must be cleanly cut from the pallet load and positively secured in a clamp. This way, the leading edge of the shrink film is properly positioned to allow subsequent pallets to be shrink wrapped. Therefore, a satisfying result will be achieved. Apply And last but not least is to apply. The resulting trailing edge of the shrink film, the tail of it, hanging from the pallet must be automatically applied to the load. Positive film tail treatment ensures that the sagging tail does not hang up or unravel during transit or at customer’s location.

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About NadiPack Company

NadiPack is an Iranian based packing machine manufacturer that has been active since 1990. NadiPack has more than 200 personnel and is considered the largest manufacturer of shrink wrap machines in Iran as well as other packaging machines. NadiPack is also the biggest exporter of packing machines in Iran and exports its products to countries such as Italy, Germany, Sweden, the UAE, Iraq, and Oman.

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