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NadiPack’s shrink wrap machines are versatile and high-quality wrapping solutions for factories, workstations, and small stores. NadiPack is the number one manufacturer of shrink wrap machines in Iran and is a major exporter to middle-eastern countries and other parts of the world. A shrink wrap machine uses heat to create tightly-fit seal wraps for small and medium-sized products. The process usually consists of an L-bar sealer which cuts the film and a shrink wrap machine that applies heat for the film to wrap tightly around the product. These are technically separate products but can also come as a package or an all-in-one solution. Such as chamber shrink wrap machines. NadiPack creates state-of-the-art shrink pack machines, using the latest technologies to offer the most reliable experience. Our shrink wrap machines also come in different variations considering your needs and the scale of your operation. If you are still not sure what product is the best for your needs, keep reading. We are always ready to hear from you, if you needed more information.

Best Shrink Wrap Machines in Iran

NadiPack has been manufacturing shrink wrap machines in Iran since 1990. Today we are the largest manufacturer of shrink wrap machine in Iran and a major exporter of packaging machines to countries all around the world. Our products can be found in Iran’s small and large businesses and other countries in Middle-east, Europe, and North America. We are also the leading name in skin packaging machines and tray sealer machines for a complete packaging offer.

Semi-automatic Shrink Wrap Machines and L-bar Sealers

Semi-automatic shrink wrap machines are a solution for relatively high-quantity production lines, including factories and production units. NadiPack’s Semi-automatic shrink wrap machines and L-bar sealers come in two packages:
  • The SR140 and NPT10 pairing (which are also offered separately)
  • The NPV100
The SR140 is an industrial L-bar sealer with perforation and adjustable conveyor and sealing time. It also uses the lower consumption single-phase electricity. The SR140 is simply a sealer and sends the part to NPT10 for the shrink wrapping process. The NPT10 is a heat tunnel shrink machine with adjustable heat and conveyor speed. It is a high-speed machine suitable for factories and production units. The NPT10 also is capable of attaching multiple seals at the same time and is usable with PVC and POF films. Finally, NPV100 is a shrink wrap machine and L-bar sealer in which the heat tunnel is separate from the sealing system. It also uses singe phase electricity and comes with a 6 slut programming unit. NPV100’s maximum product dimension is 550mm*400mm*150mm. Meaning it accepts lower hight but higher length and width compared to the NPT10.

Chamber Shrink Wrap Machines

A chamber shrink wrap machine is an all-in-one solution in which the sealing and shrinking process are done underneath the same heat chamber. This solution is particularly popular with stores and workshops, as it does not require an expert operator to run. Our range of chamber shrink wrap machines consists of the NPS80, NP70, and R80 models. The NPS80 has 360x540mm framing and comes with a ceramic sealing system, magnet system, and single-phase power. You can also save up to 6 work programs and adjust the hight relative to your needs. NP70 has a much bigger chamber with a 600x800mm frame. But the technology and functionalities of it are much the same. It also comes with a ceramic sealing system, a single-phase electricity, and 6 slut programming memory. Finally, the R80 uses the same 360x540mm framing in NPS80. But it has a fiber sealing system and lower power consumption. Perfect for stores that need an easy and quick wrapping solution.

Polyethylene Shrink Wrap Machines

Most shrink wrap machines use PVC or POF films. But you can also use our shrink machines using Polyethylene films for a more durable option. The polyethylene shrink wrap machine is mostly used for larger products such as cardboard boxes, cables, and pipes. NPM90 is our current polyethylene shrink wrap machine that comes with a pedal-operated sealer and a conveyor belt, as well as controls for the reel and the connectors.

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