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NadiPack is the biggest manufacturer of skin packaging machines in Iran and is the first choice of hardware, medicine, and component manufacturers in Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and Middle-east.

We’ve put together the perfect combination of innovative technologies, reliable parts, and affordable prices to offer you the best solution for your skin packaging needs. Our Skin packaging machine comes in two sizes, both using a heat and vacuum combination that can be applied manually or through an automatic setting. You can always contact us at +09023414006 for more information or price inquiries. Skin packaging machines are a type of carded packaging in which the machine tightly fits a thin sheet of plastic on top of the product that is placed on paperboard or tray. NadiPack’s Skin packaging machines use Surlyn or PVC films which are the most reliable and also the most popular packaging films in today’s market. These films are also transparent so the customer can see the product first-hand, before making the purchase. You can use skin packaging to seal products such as hardware, spare parts, medical equipment, electric components, toys, dishware, and craft products.

Best Skin Packaging Machines in Iran

NadiPack is the most recognizable skin packaging machine manufacturer in Iran and is also a major exporter to countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, as well as Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan and the Gulf nations such as UAE and Qatar. Reliability and quality of our products, our insistent on using the state-of-the-art European technologies, and finally offering them at a greatly affordable price, have paved a path for us to be a household name in manufacturing. We are also the leading name in shrink packaging machines and tray sealer machines for a complete packaging offer.

Our 50x70 and 35x50 Skin Packaging Machines

Our skin packaging machines use a combination of vacuum press and heat sealing to create a reliable and modern packaging which can be used for a host of commercial products. You can use dry PVC or Surlyn films to achieve reliable packaging. Our machines also refrain from laminating the paperboard or tray, so you can achieve a better air-flow within your product. The 35x50 skin packaging machine is the smaller version, that comes with a 35x50mm frame. It is also equipped with a 9-14 m3/h vacuum pump. You can use the machine in manual or semi-automatic settings and use it with or without mould. The 50x70 is the bigger brother that uses a 50x70mm framing. This framing and the 15-18 m3/h vacuum pump let you package far bigger products without extra hassle. You still have access to manual and semi-automatic modes and the optional mould application.

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You can always contact us for more information or inquiry about the latest prices at +09023414006 .

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NadiPack is the number one manufacturer of packaging machines in Iran and has been active in manufacturing packaging machines since 1990. It is our great honor to be the biggest exporter of packaging solutions to Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle-east, as all our products are sold through international markets, too. Since the very beginning, our goal has been to equip manufacturers with high-quality packaging machines that otherwise would have been inaccessible. We use the European parts and latest technologies in products that are reasonably priced. As there is no need for you to choose between affordability and quality.

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