Management's speech

In the exchange-based economy, optimal choice is considered a social behavior and consumers provide their daily needs from different markets based on aesthetic interests and livelihood patterns. In this process, consumers' visual interests are the most effective motivation for selection. Good packaging and an appropriate supply of goods increases the desire to choose and the consumer taste of customers and double the motivation to create competition in economic enterprises in order to reach the target market. Production and manufacturing of packaging machines, supply of its materials and support leading to customer satisfaction, have been able to take an effective step in the path of upgrading this industry, and in the tough test of responding to the complex and diverse tastes of buyers, it has come out proud, and in this regard, it has a necessary share in the market of machinery and materials. Take the initial packaging. We owe this position to our hardworking representatives and loyal customers. The production packaging machines of this industrial group include more than 27 models of shrinkpack, skinpack, industrial and food vacuum, seal vacuum, polyethylene shrink, and fully automatic shrink label machines, which are sold to domestic markets. And it is offered overseas. All the production machines of this company have European CE standards. The large share of this production unit in the domestic markets is due to the observance of the principles of sales engineering and the continuous improvement of the production process and creating a competitive advantage, and this situation has become an incentive for this industrial complex to turn its gaze to the global markets and in this direction by relying on the creativity of the technical department. and engineering, to export Nadipack packaging machines to the markets of Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. According to the investors of this industrial complex, the sales representatives of packaging machines are among the driving and valuable forces of this factory and the customers are also considered as its true and self-confident power. Let's use the economy of our dear country Iran properly.


Naveen Karai Tafalgh Packaging Industries (private shares), which is now one of the largest industrial units in the field of manufacturing packaging machines under the Nadipack brand in Iran, started its activity in 1370. Currently, more than 200 personnel and top technical experts with various specializations are working in order to create value in the business of the customers of this company. Over the years, this company has gained experience and economic capabilities to respond to the growing needs of the domestic and foreign markets and optimal use of equipment, by using capable human talents, modern technical knowledge, continuous business development and upgrading production lines and facilities, this company has become a leading and innovative company in It is considered the economy of Iran and now, with the support of more than 30 years of experience in the packaging industry, it is the first and most active producer and exporter of shrinkpack, skinpack, shrink label, seal and vacuum packaging machines, etc. In line with continuous activity in the domestic industrial market as well as responding to market needs, this company has an active exclusive agency from HENKOVAC company in Holland and KRONEN in Germany to import thermoforming machines, stretch wrappers, floppacks, food skins, food vacuums, salad lines and ... Is. The successful performance in providing services inside the country has led to the spread of the reputation of the new product transformation company beyond the borders of Iran, and it is currently one of the largest exporters of packaging machines in Iran, and at least 20% of the company's production goes to Italy, Germany, and Sweden. , United States, Russia, Belgium, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and...

Organizational quality policy

With a firm belief, the management of the new product transformation organization has placed the establishment of the quality management system on the basis of the ISO global standard to maintain, the dynamism and effectiveness of activities and ensure quality and continuous improvement. The main goals of the establishment and sustainability of this system are: 1- Formulating and presenting a policy as well as setting long-term and short-term goals, providing plans, guidelines and monitoring the performance of the covered companies in order to gain satisfaction while benefiting from the services of the organization and the products of the companies covered by the organization. 2- Complying with national and international laws and standards in the organization and its companies 3- Active and organized participation of human resources to provide better services and superior quality production 4- The qualitative development of human resources through the establishment and implementation of a dynamic educational system 5- Improving the quality of employees' working life and increasing productivity through creating a suitable environment, establishing motivational systems and establishing proper mutual relations between management and employees. 6- The continuous improvement of the processes affecting the quality and the development of domestic and international marketable products and markets, the responsibility of establishing and maintaining the quality management system and the realization of quality goals based on this policy and the quality assurance system isis given to the management representative and all personnel are committed to it.

Organizational quality policy

New Product Transformation Packaging Industries, with a 30-year history in the production of various packaging machines under the Nadipack brand, with a continuous presence in domestic industries as well as export markets, introduces its production machines as follows:
  • Shrinkpack machines (cabin, semi-automatic, fully automatic and polyethylene)
  • Skinpack devices
  • shrink label devices
  • Shrink label machine tunnel (heater and dryer)
  • Vacuum flood devices (desktop, rotary and linear)
  • At the same time, it should be noted that in addition to its industrial products, this company is the exclusive representative of the following factories:
  • HENKOVAC Netherlands (manufacturer of food vacuum devices)
  • KRONEN, Germany (producer of salad line machines and all kinds of shredding machines)
  • PMR Italy (Manufacturer of adhesive back labeling machines)
According to the issues raised, we hope that by introducing our products, we have fulfilled some of your wishes in this dynamic and young industry.