Central office

Address: Tehran, Africa Boulevard (Jordan), above Dastgardi (Zafar) St., Naseri St., No. 4, Roshank Building, 1st Floor, Unit 1 and 2

Phone: 021-88779365

Fax: 021-88773013

Postal code: 1968633856

Support email: [email protected]

Sales email: [email protected]

After-sales service office

Address: Tehran, Asadabadi (Yousefabad) St., the beginning of 22 St., No. 1, 2nd floor, Unit 3

Phone: 021-88725292 - 021-88713717

Fax: 021-88773013

Postal code: 1431984391

Email: [email protected]


Address: Kilotar 45, Khavaran Road, after Sharif Abad Police Road, Abbas Abad Industrial Estate, Khajeh Naseer Blvd., Jami St., left hand side, next to Kaj St.

Phone: 021-36424406-13

Fax: 021-36424650

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