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NadiPack is the biggest manufacturer of tray sealer machines in Iran. Our sealer machines range from semi-automatic tray sealers to Automatic and even tabletop. They can be used as over-the-counter packaging machines for restaurants and small shops or more robust sealers for medium-sized food producers. These machines use the latest technologies and premium European parts to offer a high-quality product for a greatly affordable price. You can order your sealers from anywhere in the world including European, Central Asian, and Middle-eastern countries. Tray sealer machines seal food products using a thin film on top of a packaging tray. NadiPack’s automatic and semi-automatic tray sealer designs are equipped with vacuum pumps as well as vacuum sensors. This means you can package food products with high durability, at a very quick rate. These are perfect for food producers who need in-line or standalone packing machines with a reliable

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If you have limited space, you can use our tabletop packaging machines with a high packaging rate and great portability. These are tailor-made for stores and restaurants, who are looking for great quality at a smaller framing.

Best Tray Sealer Machines in Iran

NadiPack’s tray sealer machines are recognized for their quality and durability and are the number one choice within Iranian manufacturers. Our sealing machines are also imported to European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, as well as Central Asian and Middle-eastern countries.

Semi-automatic Rotary Tray Sealers

NPR200 is our semi-automatic rotary tray sealing machine. It comes with 3 tray frames ranging from 385x275mm to 115x275mm tray sizes. There is also a 40 m3/h vacuum pump fitted into the machine with the ability to be used in MAP. (100 and 200 m3/h pumps available upon order.) A vacuum sensor will automatically gauge the amount of gas inside. The sealer also has a rotary design. So you can go through up to 6 cycles per minute, with only one operator needed at the helm. You can also use a PLC touch-screen to monitor the machine’s parameters. Finally, there is a film rewinder for minimum waste. NPR200's vacuum method adds to your product’s durability. Perfect for packaging meat, ready-cooked food, vegetables, salads and other spoilable products.

Fully Automatic In-line Food Tray Sealers

NPR1000 is our in-line and fully automatic tray sealer. It comes with a bigger default vacuum at 63 m3/h and has a much faster cycle at 12 packs a minute. You can use trays of all sizes up to 300x430mm with this machine. The internal vacuum pump lets you package in MAP with a sensor for controlling the amount of gas applied. You can also control the heat and the speed of sealing. If your film comes with printing, don’t worry, as NPR1000 comes with an internal photocell for centering the printed film. You can reduce the waste, using the film rewinder byat the end of the line. You can also monitor everything using the PLC touch-screen.

Tabletop Tray Sealer Machines

If you have limited space and need a quick tray packaging solution, NPR100 is the right choice for you. This is our tabletop tray sealer with up to 15 cycles per minute. It also comes with 3 frames with one 430x240mm tray, two 150x220mm trays, or three 140x275mm trays. The machine is very easy to use and needs one operator to do it all. It is also equipped with a thermostat as well as a timer to control the sealing conditions. The frame can be replaced as quickly as possible and the steel and aluminum body is made for the long-run. This is the best solution for food sealing when there is little space and time to waste.

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