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NadiPack’s shrink sleeve labeling machines series which are all on sale, use the newest shrink technology with a large control touch screen. It is operator-friendly and the main frame can be easily adjusted up and down automatically. The labeling machine has been accurately designed, and companies are even able to use this machine with high speed for a long time. The company’s experience shows that these machines can still be running very stable and smooth throughout years of operating. NadiPack has many models of sleeve labele machines with all kinds of speed selection and suitable for a wide range of usage. Its machines can be modified according to the package shape. NadiPack can always meet all kinds of costumer requirements no matterfor the cap or bottle. The machine is suitable for pharmaceuticals, food industries, health-food, medicine, juice, milk, drink, etc. Alongside labeling and sleeving NadiPack also provides skin packaging  and Shrink Packing Machines too.

 Utilization of shrink sleeve label machines

The shrink sleeve labeling machines that NadiPack company has on sale with a reasonable price and an exceptional offer is widely used in the food industry, though the machines have utilization in beverage or mine water packing too. The shrink sleeve labeling machines can work on different types of food containers like bottles, jar bottles, jelly cups, etc. Accurate position sleeving and in beautiful and better shape after sleeving. You can watch a video on how it operates and sleeves here. Here you can have a good look at the newest NadiPack’s machine on sale and review their features that give you good info on how to compare them with each other. For further questions about the machines and how to purchase them, you can contact 989909506935 or pay a visit to our Contact Us page.

Features of shrink sleeve label machines

NadiPack offers a full range of shrink sleeve applicators for low, medium, and high-speed production environments. This diversity is due to different customers’ needs for their production company. All NadiPack’s shrink material applicators are capable of performing up to five key sleeving applications:
  • Full body sleeves
  • Full body over-the-cap sleeves
  • Partial body sleeves
  • Tamper evident bands
  • Multi-packs
NadiPack also offers wide film format models capable of handling film widths up to 900mm, that can give users a major rank on whatever they need sleeving. NadiPack shrink sleeve applicators and systems are used in a wide variety of industries including fluid milk, ready-to-drink beverages, cosmetics, home care products, food jars, mine waters and personal care products. NadiPack’s shrink sleeve labeling machines’ flexibility and reliable performance makes them one of the best values in the shrink sleeving industry.

Types of Shrink sleeve label machines

The rotary-fed shrink sleeving technology provides flexibility in labeling to decorate the most conventional or challenging container shapes or container bundles. Its rotational accuracy provides optimal positioning when sleeves are applied, which ultimately causes reducing wasted materials and rejected containers and improving efficiency and overall cost of ownership. To sum up, NadiPack’s technology will save you money! In addition to more than 30 years of experience making application machinery for shrink sleeve labeling, NadiPack is also expert in the converting process for shrink sleeves. Its Stanford brand of converting equipment has long been a standard in the industry. NadiPack’s Costumers, get the expertise of a company that is wholly invested and knowledgeable in the entire shrink sleeve labeling process, through it all – from converting to application. Below are a few examples of NadiPack’s shrink sleeve labeling machines.

Mandrel Shrink Sleeve Applicators

The NadiPack Mandrel Shrink Sleeve Machines, are vertical shrink sleeve label application systems designed for the heavy-duty operations required by high-volume producers. The small footprint, simple operator interface, and minimal machine maintenance make these models some of the most cost-effective machines on the market in comparison to other offers.

Rotary-Feed Shrink Sleeve Applicator

NadiPack’s Shrink Sleeve Machines are compact, operator-friendly and easy-to-maintain shrink sleeve machines that can be used to apply full-body or tamper-evident bands to a variety of container shapes and sizes.

Direct Apply Shrink Sleeve Label Applicators

Specially designed application systems from this range of equipment are available to suit almost any customer requirement. You can learn more about the devices by clicking on each of them and watching their operation videos.

Shrink Sleeve Tunnels

NadiPack’s range of shrink sleeve tunnels can also be supplied as part of a full sleeving system with a conveyor, or as a single item for incorporation into an existing packaging line. It is used to sleeve products of the food and beverage industries.

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About NadiPack Company

NadiPack is an Iranian based packing machine manufacturer that has been active since 1990. NadiPack has more than 200 personnel and is considered the largest manufacturer of shrink wrap machines in Iran as well as other packaging machines.
NadiPack is also the biggest exporter of packing machines in Iran and exports 20% of its products to countries such as Italy, Germany, Sweden, the UAE, Iraq and Oman.

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